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Don't forget, the con officially kicks off tonight with our Registration Party from 8:00-10:00 PM in the con space. You can check-in, get your badge and registration packet, hang-out and bling up your badge with our craft supplies, play Fannish Bingo, and at 9:00 PM there will be a game of Only Connect. Come kick things off right with us!

The weather for the weekend will be scattered thunder storms, with the temperature between 83-90 as a high. So prepare for rain and humidity if/when you need to go outside! 

Reminder that the Red Line on the DC Metro will have track closures this week. The stops from Brookland to Rhode Island are already closed, and this will expand to close Ft. Totten and Takoma on Saturday and Sunday. They will be running shuttle buses to replace those portions of the line, but remember to build in the extra travel time.

If you are driving to the con, parking in the con hotel garage is unfortunately a bit high: 15 min - 2 hr : $16, 2 hr - 4 hr : $30, 4 hr - 24 hr : $32, if you are an overnight guest: $29. There is plentiful street parking on the weekend with Parkmobile. Please do not park in the lot across the street from the hotel marked Pentagon, because that will get you towed.

If any issues arise and you have questions, please come up to a concom member in a purple sash, or email us at

Have a fantastic CON.TXT, everyone!