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*CON.TXT Charity Raffle*

Beth H ([ profile] bethbethbeth) will be overseeing the CON.TXT Raffle this year, the proceeds of which are going to benefit two organizations:

* Medecins sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (
* The Trevor Project (

Raffle tickets (a mere $2 each!) will be on sale at at the CON.TXT Registration Desk - and from the mobile raffle site (i.e., Beth's backpack) - starting on Thursday night (June 14th) and continuing until approximately noon on Sunday (June 17th).

All new, nearly new, or collectible items of a fannish or artsy nature will be gratefully received (you needn't even be going to the con as long as we can find a way to coordinate delivery of your donations).

Leave a comment to this post or email Beth at bethbethbeth [at] gmail [dot] com) if you think you might have something to contribute, and remember that you can also participate by buying a few (or a few hundred!) tickets.


*Registration Reminder*

You only have until May 15th to register at the $100 rate; on May 16th, the registration fee goes up to $115.