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The final day to register for CON.TXT is this Saturday, May 31st. Please be sure that you've registered by Saturday!


You should have received an email from when you registered, which included login instructions for our website; you can double-check your payment status and badge information there. (If you did not receive this email, you may not be registered! Check your spam folder or contact us at if you can't find the email.)

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Registration for CON.TXT closes at the end of May!

The current fee for attending membership is $100, but on May 15th it goes up to $115. Also, after the 15th we will only accept payment by Paypal; you cannot pay by check after the 15th.

So: Register as soon as you can!
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Howdy, folks! This is just a quick reminder that registration for CON.TXT 2014 goes up in price after the end of January: membership will be $100 on February 1st. Act now to get the $90 rate!
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Yes, as some of you eager folks have already noticed, registration for CON.TXT 2014 opened up last night. As you also know, this convention will be held June 13-15, 2014. Attending membership is currently available for $90, and will stay at this price through the end of January when it will go up to $100. Get all of the details on the con website!

If you have previously attended CON.TXT and will be returning this year, you are our darling and you can register for 2014 by logging in here.

If this will be your very first CON.TXT, you are also our darling! But we need a little more info to get ready for you. You can register for 2014 with this form.

Having some trouble? Just drop a line to

(We also have a registration form for dealers for 2014! But there is still some last-minute debugging going on, so please check again tonight, or watch for an update here!)

Looking for a scholarship to help with that membership cost? In memory of Minotaur, the con comm is offering one fully funded scholarship; this is limited to applicants who have not attended any members-only portion of CON.TXT in the past. In addition to the memorial scholarship, five half-price memberships will be available to fans whose financial situation would not otherwise permit them to attend the con; this scholarship is open to anyone. Applications should include a brief statement explaining why applicants need/should receive a scholarship to attend CON.TXT. All applicants must be willing to volunteer a minimum of two hours at the con (don't worry: it's fun too!). Interested? Email your fan name and statement to

Looking to help out other fans with that membership cost? If you'd like to donate toward our scholarship fund, just let us know at! <3
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Registration for CON.TXT 2014 will open December 2nd, 2013!

The con is scheduled for June 13-15, 2014, at the Sheraton in Silver Spring, Maryland. You can check out the website ( for more details about the con and the hotel.

Pricing will be as follows:

* $90 from December 2, 2013, through January 31, 2014
* $100 from February 1, 2014, through May 15, 2014
* $115 from May 16, 2014, through May 31, 2014
* $25 in addition to membership per dealer table
* $15 in addition to membership per dealer half-table

Can't make it to the con? You can sign up for a Supporting Membership for $15.00. This will get you the registration package (program, etc.), as well as any other goodies that are handed out to attending members, and you'll be able to access the member area of the site in the same way as attending members.

Worried about costs? We will again be offering a few scholarships to help out with the membership fee and we will organize ride-sharing and room-sharing as the con approaches.

Eager to get your CON.TXT news? We will now be posting announcements to con-txt at Dreamwidth (mirrored on the website as well), con-txt at Livejournal, @contxt_announce at Twitter (or follow @gotslash for announcements and more!), con-txt at Tumblr, and con_txt at Yahoo!Groups. Whew!