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Our Hot Fandom Poll is better than chocolate. And fewer calories, too!

What the poll is: this is where you tell us what types of fandoms you're interested in, and specifically what shows/movies/books/comics/etc. you're interested in within the broader categories.

What the poll is not: these are NOT panel topics! What we're doing here is trying to gauge the intra- and cross-category multifannishness of our incoming crowd; we'll be using this to help sort panel topics (coming soon) and other aspects of the con.

To take the poll, go here.

Anyone is welcome to take the poll, whether you're already signed up for the con, or are still thinking about it.

If you have any problems accessing the poll, please let us know, either by emailing us or by commenting here.

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Over time we've built up a web presence, but we're not sure everyone knows how to find us. Here's a handy-dandy list:

CON.TXT website
CON.TXT on LiveJournal
CON.TXT on Dreamwidth
CON.TXT mailing list
our Twitter hashtag is #contxt