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Dear CON.TXT con-goers, come tell us about your fandoms!

We shook up the hot fandoms poll a little bit this year; in addition to obtaining an exhaustive list of all of your fandoms (tell us all of your fandoms! we want to know!), we're also asking you to pick your favorites from some of this year's big fandoms and to give us your opinions on some popular con activities. If you've got something to say that doesn't fit in our boxes (or if you have technical trouble with the boxes), just email us.

Click here to take the poll!

Note: Our website is having some technical difficulties! In the meantime, you can take this poll directly on the survey site until our ducks are in their proper rows again. Sorry for the trouble!

Anyone is welcome to take the poll, whether you're already signed up for the con or are still thinking about it.

And while you're at it, start brainstorming panel topics for these fandoms! We aren't taking panel suggestions yet, but we will be soon enough....