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So -- you're probably wondering what it means when we say we feed you....

Your CON.TXT registration fee includes light hors d'oeuvres during the Disco Duck on Friday night, continental breakfast Friday morning, a more substantial breakfast Saturday and Sunday, and snacks all weekend long.

As in the past, we are offering box lunches (sandwich, side, fruit, chips, cookie, bottled water) all three days of the con, for an additional fee of $10/lunch. (The box lunches were pretty good in 2008 and somewhat disappointing in 2010; we are working with the hotel to improve the quality this time around.) To order box lunches, log into the Member Area and go to 'My Account', then click the yellow button at the top to reserve and pay for your lunches. We're only accepting PayPal payments for box lunches. The deadline to order lunches is June 7. If you need an all vegetarian lunch, please contact us at, so we can make a note of it on our order.

The hotel has a restaurant on site; it is scheduled to be open the weekend of the con, but it's possible the ongoing renovations will limit the hours of operation. However, there are a ton of choices in the area, most within comfortable walking distance.

* * * * *

Registration officially closes at midnight tonight. If you've been trying to decide whether or not to attend, now is the time to say yes, and register! (Please keep in mind that CON.TXT policy requires all payments be made via PayPal at this time.)