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Panel suggestions for CON.TXT 2016 are closed! If you have just now had a brilliant idea for a new panel, you may propose it at the con itself for one of the times reserved for D.I.Y. panels.

Some of the panels listed below do not yet have moderators or have only one moderator who would like a co-moderator. Please look through the list and comment with your badge name if you might be interested in moderating any of the suggested panels! You may also propose a change or expansion to an already suggested panel. Be sure you are replying to the suggestion rather to the main post so that each panel's discussion is threaded.

To like, fave, +1, or upvote an already suggested panel, please wait until we assemble the final poll! No "votes" in the comments will be counted toward the final reckoning.

Brief FAQ:
Q: Are you taking all suggestions?
A: We'll be putting all suggestions up for a vote by our attendees and as many as possible will be scheduled.

Q: Won't voting eliminate smaller fandom panels?
A: We make sure that we're offering a wide range of panel topics, so the voting helps us choose among similar panels, or to decide which suggestions should be combined. It's not a strict numbers cut-off.

Q: What if someone else has already suggested something that I was going to suggest?
A: We prefer panels to have more than one moderator. If you're interested in moderating it, comment on their suggestion and offer to co-mod!

Q: How many panels can I suggest?
A: As many as you like. We won't schedule you to moderate more than three of them, so if they all make through the voting process we'd appreciate your help in keeping a lookout for co-mods or understudies!

Q: What if my friend wants to moderate this panel I'm suggesting?
A: That's fine; you can put your friend's name in as moderator and we'll consider it to be their suggestion. Please don't put people's names in without making sure they're willing!

Q: What if I suggest a panel now and then change my mind later on?
A: We'll check in with all potential moderators after voting to make sure you're still enthusiastic about the topic.

Q: How can I find a moderator for this great panel idea I have?
A: There's a brainstorming comment thread on this post. Please post there, talk to your friends, and reach out on whatever social media your fandom prefers. If you can't get a bite, make your suggestion here anyway and we'll see if we can rustle someone up.

What is a CON.TXT panel? Generally, a panel is a discussion among all attendees led by one or more moderators who have prepared some leading questions. Some panels include a lengthier presentation by the moderator. You can check out panels from previous CON.TXTs on our website for examples.

What is a good CON.TXT panel suggestion? You want a catchy, yet informative title and a two- to four-sentence topic which raises specific questions. Warn for spoilers if your panel will include them. Use a fannish in-joke or two. Say up front if you're making a presentation to attract newbies or intend to hold a detailed dissection of book eighteen in the series.

How do I pick a category? A meta panel is one with a topic that's not tied to any particular fandom, although certain fandoms may be discussed or used as examples. A multi-fandom panel has a topic that's common across several specific fandoms. A single fandom panel goes into depth in a particular fandom. A how-to panel teaches how to do something.
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Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce that CON.TXT will be back next summer, but with a new location and a new month.

CON.TXT 2016 will be held July 29-31, at the Residence Inn Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia. Check out our website for more information:

Watch this space.