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So, I didn't sign up for Chocolate Box, because I wasn't sure I actually wanted the commitment of having an assignment. But after my success at pinch-hitting for Hockey Hols, I decided to keep an eye on the comm for potentially interesting pinch hits. And I ended snagging one (almost two, even, but somebody else beat me to the second one, which was probs a good thing, because it turned out that I'd somehow been reading Alex Galchenyuk/Brendan Gallagher for Alex Galchenyuk/Nail Yakupov, in multiple places, even, and the whiplash on discovering that was bad enough when it didn't have any actual repercussions, lol), to the tune of writing something for Twelfth Night, because ever since I worked on the production of Illyria this fall I've been having a resurgence of Antonio/Sebastian feels.

An Uncommon Fish (937 words)
Fandom: Twelfth Night - Shakespeare
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Antonio/Sebastian (Twelfth Night)
Additional Tags: Pining, Food, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: An interlude aboard ship, between the old reality and the new.

my slightly capslocky thoughts on the plot of Twelfth Night, let me show you them? )

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Feb. 20th, 2019 08:14 pm
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Todo list update:

  • started reading Words Are My Matter since it was tied most of the day and it's due back soonest; about 1/3 of the way through
  • have not written (yet)
  • not cleaning bathroom due to emergency storm water supply being in the way
  • have finished animals! opened box of "old doll clothes" expecting to find ones I played with back in the day; instead found ones my grandmother played with.
  • have not done any sewing, except for repairs to animals. Did find cut-but-not-sewed antique doll clothes in box, though, so number of sewing WIPs has increased instead. sigh
  • just put laundry in! mostly animals and doll clothes, but it counts.
  • have not worked on knitting projects, that's up next
  • officially not dealing with desk today. :P
  • officially not working on books today. :P
  • listened to lots podcasts!
  • writing dreamwidth post as we speak. substance questionable :P

Here is a photo of all of my Daekor Potbelly bears and raccoons - Dropbear and his friends and relations. There are, apparently, 17 of them, which means I've acquired a new on on average every two years.

The koalas, going clockwise, are: Bonnie (by far the best condition, still has original fur texture); Bongo (not actually Daekor, but a very similar design, and as the largest, an honorary uncle); Big Boy (the one who is exactly the same size relative to me as KB was when I was a toddler, and is therefore on emergency hug duty at all times - he got a new nose today); Ol' One-Eye (with his brand-new eyepatch!); Nobody (named after the Emily Dickinson poem, distinguished by having no distinguishable features - the third one I ever owned); Scarface (lurking like the bear of mystery he is!); Joanie (so named because she came on a road trip with me to find America right after college); Drop-Bear (aka KB, the original who's been with me since I was born); and Little One.

The brown bears just go by The Three Bears. The raccoons mostly don't have names, but the pinkish-colored one in the middle is Posey, and one of the others has the name Kekko on her tag.

Names and genders subject to change without notice, I just go by what they tell me.

No I do not need 17 semi-identical stuffed animals (or the, uh, 100-ish others I repaired and re-displayed today) but they bring me joy. And those first three - KB, Scarface, and Nobody - taught me early on just how much three creatures theoretically made from the exact same pattern can all have very obviously different personalities.

Get it straight.

Feb. 20th, 2019 08:15 pm
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"The register's not working, so everything's free" is the sort of thing that happens in the movies, not real life. Except it happened today. I guess New York City is about as real as the movies.

There's a bakery that just opened in my neighborhood, so my brother and I stopped by for its soft opening. And as soon as we stepped inside, we learned that - at least for a little while - every order placed would be free. No charges leveled whatsoever. It's not a sustainable business model, but for an afternoon, when you're building up a client base, you can't get a better reception.

I ordered coffee and a breadstick, and tipped them with a two-dollar bill. It seemed appropriate.

Catching up on Steven Universe

Feb. 20th, 2019 06:00 pm
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I've caught up on Steven Universe! The one advantage to being 2 years behind is that this show is very short and airs very rarely so catching up didn't take too long. Although catching up meant diving right in with so much Lars stuff. Apparently it is possible for me to be MORE hating Lars, wow. Sometimes I think "well, it's a kids show, Lars must be representing jealousy and selfish feelings", kinda like how Oscar the Grouch represents grouchy emotions on Sesame Street, except that only explains, like, 1/3 of Lars's plot line. Ugh, please write him off. At the very least, stop highlighting him so much.

I did delay catching up, I admit, because of the whole Rose Quartz = Pink Diamond thing. As soon as I heard about it, that... it was very "I don't like this I don't like this I don't like this". She hid it from everyone! Except for Pearl, who was not allowed to tell anyone! For thousands of years, what the fuck. I know time doesn't really pass for space rocks like it does for humans, but this is still not great. I just felt like it was a giant moral event horizon thing and was worried about how the show would handle it. I also felt like the show did it because they'd written themselves into a corner: they didn't want Steven's mom to be a premeditated murderer (shattering Pink Diamond) so instead, surprise, Rose is Pink Diamond! Who was hiding it from everyone because... reasons? And Pearl has some kind of compulsion so she can't tell Steven and has to manipulate to find a way around it, that makes it even worse. This changes every single thing, turns every single interaction into a lie, turns the last several thousand years of their lives into lies, and I don't like it.

So, yeah. I was dragging my feet on catching up because I lost a lot of wanting-to-catch-up from that stuff.

Anyway, having caught up, some Things: Reactions and unhappiness )

Star Trek: Discovery S1 + 2x01-05

Feb. 20th, 2019 11:05 am
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*shows up fifteen minutes late with raktajino*

I've been rewatching bits of season 1 of DSC, and keeping up with season 2, and…I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Star Trek. It's been a while since I've had a lot of feelings about Star Trek. Rewatching the first season now, I find myself having a lot of thoughts about Lorca, and the way that it's increasingly clear that the first two seasons were designed to complement each other.

Thoughts about Lorca, Star Trek, and the mirror universe )

Snow day!

Feb. 19th, 2019 09:37 pm
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I am going to get SO MUCH done!†

Here, let's try this markdown list thing again, for accountability:

  • read at least one (1) library book††
  • write at least five hundred (500) words of a wip
  • finish the post-septic-tank-issues bathroom clean
  • tidy the animals and dolls
  • sew my cloak pockets finally! and replace the buttons, and do cutting for next sewing project
  • do one (1) load of laundry
  • finish two (2) knitting projects†††
  • reorganize my desk
  • be ready to start nf book weeding
  • catch up on podcasts††††
  • write up a dreamwidth post with actual substance

That's totally reasonable, right? Right! Especially since Sunbeam on the Couch won't be luring me into spending the morning basking like a cat.

†in theory†††††


Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 49

My options are:

View Answers

Words Are My Matter by Ursula Le Guin
18 (36.7%)

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee
19 (38.8%)

Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers
17 (34.7%)

Shadowhouse Fall by Daniel Jose Older
9 (18.4%)

†††they're both less than 30 minutes from done, so it's not as ambitious at it sounds - it's just what's left is the annoying fiddly bits and I keep putting it off

††††I have seven podcasts I'm behind on, and they're all at exactly nine episodes, so that's only about 63 hours, perfectly doable!

†††††Apparently DW markdown does not like footnotes at all. or polls.

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As war thunders forth, a fleeing slave-princess discovers that all is not as she thought.

Endangered by her cousin the Prince, Serva must take refuge with a protector, for despite being the King's bastard daughter, she was long ago condemned to slavery. She has little power of her own.

But when she loses her best hope for protection, she must draw upon her strength to protect herself. Soon she will realize that others need her protection as well.

"'His wings were clipped.'"

Rated T. Boilerplate warning for all my stories + my rating system.

All chapters in this novel. The first chapter is free. By donating as little as one dollar a month, you can receive a weekly serialization of my fiction, as well as all my new e-books.


Preview, relatively spoiler-free )

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Feb. 17th, 2019 08:06 pm
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Finally re-made my bed today!

Weight of the 'anti-anxiety' weighted blankets they are now selling in local stores for people my size : 12 lbs
Total weight of my usual winter bedding (flannel sheet, 2 fleece throws, hand-made vintage quilt, Southwestern-style woven cotton blanket or doubled woven wool blanket) : 11.8 lbs.


Well, there's another thing to go on the list of "what do you mean, coping mechanism for non-neurotypical people? That's just how we've always done it here!"

Also went to the thrift store for the half-off sale. Bought:
-sealing wax
-mini basketweaving kit
-beading wire
-necklace clasps
-2 yd plaid flannel
-2 small blank sketchbooks
-hedgehog kitchen timer
-steampunk aviator goggles
-'popcorn rocks'
-pack of vintage Crayola
-2 8-oz Coke glasses
-handheld electric bubble maker
-pad of watercolor & charcoal paper
-15 books.

....I need to be kept away from thrift store.

Sustainability Sunday? Infrastructure

Feb. 17th, 2019 06:20 pm
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I had been sort of planning to write about infrastructure today, in part because of this near-disaster in my neck of the woods last week and in part because infrastructure figures in my dissertation. But I'm having screen-induced headaches and overall feeling super blah (I wonder if I've been slowly catching a cold over the last few days?), so I'm just going to leave this here.

+ infrastructure facilitates the movement of people, goods, and ideas
+ infrastructure, if it's operating as intended, makes us overlook its existence
+ (that is: when you turn on a light switch, how much thought do you give to the miles of wire connecting you to the substation, the combustion chamber, the fossil fuel mine and processing, and the labor required at every stage in order to bring you light? probably not much)
+ which leads to us taking infrastructure for granted
+ which leads to prioritizing seemingly more "urgent" funding needs
+ which means that when infrastructure fails, it fails *catastrophically*
+ as a corollary: infrastructure makes it very, very easily to live unsustainably, by allowing us to overlook the environmental and social damage caused by the practices that infrastructure facilitates: electrical infrastructure promotes the use and overuse of fossil fuels, road infrastructure promotes the overuse of cars/petroleum and de-emphasizes mass transit options. OTOH, different kinds of infrastructure can be deployed to make much more sustainable practices become automatic and second nature. Feed the grid with solar. Instead of repairing the road, replace it with a light rail. Etc.

Also: I think kitty has found a couple of pro-kidney food flavors that she's willing to eat! *twirls*

Two movies and a tv show

Feb. 16th, 2019 06:39 pm
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  • That Thing You Do (rewatch): It's been at least 15 years since I last watched this movie. I could still identify all the scenes added for the Extended Release. Every single one of them was unnecessary and I kept saying "I see why they cut this". Except for the scene where Guy tells Faye how much he appreciates her. That scene can stay. And Tom Hanks and his boyfriend with the flashy car, they look like they have a good relationship.

  • Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events, season 3: Much less background Jewish stuff than in previous seasons. :( The sugar bowl was also, wow, such an aggressively pointless macguffin. Things also dragged a bit at the beginning, although the ending episodes were much better. Enjoyable, but I liked the previous seasons more. On the other hand, this season doubled down hard on it being all about siblings and family and complicated family dynamics so, y'know, catnip.

  • Clue: So this is famously a movie with three endings to have three different killers. I'm a bit meh about that. Just commit, y'know? Let the actors and the narrative build stuff instead of going "surprise! it was this person! don't think too hard about how implausible it was!" Since it was going for the trick ending, I feel it fails as a who-dun-it, since there's no real clues you can follow, since it wants to have its cake and eat it. This is a problem with a lot of trick ending stuff, that it wants to be so clever and go "ha ha fooled you", it utterly fails to set it up in the narrative at all and so just doesn't work, and this is three times worse since they wanted to have three different endings and didn't set up for any of them.

    I really disliked the last "actual" ending that they went with for the home video release. I'm fine with Wadsworth being Mr Body, but ugh, that last kick that Mr Green was just pretending to be gay? No. Especially not with all the backstory re: gay history, the FBI, and J. Edgar Hoover. So that ended on a really sour note for me and it was so unnecessary.

    Other than that, generally enjoyable. Tim Curry was having a lot of fun.

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 I don't know why it took me two weeks to start them; I have nothing interesting in my life (from a tax point of view), so it takes me less than an hour. But, onerous task completed.
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  • fanfic I read this week, even though I really like doing those posts, and [personal profile] novembermond is hosting fanfic friday to encourage people to do that and share it, because I looked back over my AO3 history for the week, and nope it's too embarrassing to share;

  • this other "study" that showed up on pinboard about how social media is bad for you, which I was thinking about doing a bonus science teardown of, except it's such bad science there isn't even anything to tear down, so I'm just going to link to Bad PR instead;

  • a post about putting favorite characters on "too cool for school/just wants to be a good boy" axes spun off from [personal profile] china_shop's very scientific guardian poll because my attempt at doing it spun off into thoughts on power/race/gender vs. tropes vs. sf settings that play with both, and why black panther is so great; and anyway that's too much work to write about;

  • the javascript trope sorter that going around vs. the same list on my trope sorter that I posted the day before it turned up

  • the fanfic I'm currently trying to finish which was supposed to be on the "write a quick ending and call it done" list, hahaha

  • hats, pictures of hats, why I own so many hats, and konmari, because I haven't gotten to the point in the reorganizing project where I am on to hats yet

  • next steps in nonfiction library reshelving project, begun two years ago

  • the martian, welcome to mars, [ profile] opportunitygrrl, and how humans are so human about people stranded on mars

  • why every attempt I make to use markdown to do easy lists in DW entries fails

  • work bullshit, because auugh

  • more thoughts about into the spiderverse inspired by listening to the spiderverse soundtrack on my commute inspired by work bullshit

  • weighted blankets vs. blankets that just happens to be weighty because I would have to have made my bed first

  • this unrelated playlist I'm suddenly working on\

  • further bookmarklet updates

  • the current state of the New Septic Tank saga

  • the half-finished december meme post I'm supposed to be posting next

  • probably I will add to this list as I remember more things

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YAY it's Chocolate Box story day, and I received THREE wonderful triple-drabbles for Person of Interest, Harold/John (and past Harold/Nathan), plus Bear! ♥_______♥

You should go read them! They are so touching and well-drawn and satisfying and made me very very happy indeed. Hit me right in the sweet spot. \o/

Intrinsic Motivation (300 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Characters: Bear (Person of Interest)
Additional Tags: Loyalty, Season/Series 02, Triple Drabble

"Foei! No!" There was an urgent scuffling over the line, and then, despairingly: "Oh, Bear." Finally resignation set in, leaving Harold's tone almost philosophical when he said, "Why is it always the rare editions?"

Painstaking (300 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Additional Tags: Getting Together, Tending Wounds, Triple Drabble

"That was far too close a call, Mr. Reese."

Without Saying (300 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Additional Tags: Past Harold Finch/Nathan Ingram - Freeform, Grief/Mourning, Triple Drabble

"You two were close," John said when Harold's voice failed him.

All things to everyone.

Feb. 14th, 2019 10:42 pm
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I'm at the stage of "put my head down and get to the end" writing the first draft. I don't much like it, and I know it's because I'm starting to figure out how to tell the story. It's always frustrating, and it's always an important part of the process because it's where I figure out what it is I'm trying to do. So I'll keep at it, because there's no way out but through.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I have a fair bit of job hunt stuff I need to do that I put off today by running errands and watching a movie. It's a very different sort of unpleasantness that also needs to be punched through. The main difference is it's not under my general control, and my ability to perceive my impact on its ongoing progress is basically nonexistent. So as ever, taking refuge in creative projects is how it's done.


Feb. 14th, 2019 10:15 pm
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Oh hey, it's Lupercalia already! I was going to post some never-to-be-finished psychic wolf fics for Lupercalia, wasn't I.

Here's ~1000 words of the beginning of a Hogan's Heroes wolfbrother fic the world *definitely* needed, from the February where I got really depressed and marathoned about half of Hogan's Heroes on youtube!

'This is a violation of the Geneva Convention!' Hogan insisted, emphasizing it with a fist to Klink's office desk. )

...and from there it was supposed to go into Hogan trying to run the usual caper plot via the secret tunnel while everything gets increasingly hazy and hormonal. I have no idea what the caper plot was supposed to *be*, though, or what (if any) pairings we were going to end up with. (I think I mostly wanted to figure out the worldbuilding for how they handled wolves in that setting, and I got that far!)
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S2E19: One False Step

AKA The One With The Fungus People

AKA Oh No This Episode

I remember liking this one, mostly because it showcased Daniel at his most adorably frustrated. I also remember that the costumes and make-up for the fungus people were fairly awful. Will it hold up? Let’s find out.

oh noooooo )

3/5 boonie hats for a mostly fun and creative episode with some nice jack/daniel interaction, but dear god.
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[personal profile] lj_writes posted: Signal Boost bookmarklet with user name tags for more sites
I made a fork/update to [personal profile] melannen's fork of [personal profile] astolat's signal boost bookmarklet, which adds user name tags for more of the sites recognized by the DW user tag. I also made small changes to the text generated by the bookmarklet.

So [personal profile] astolat updated the bookmark code again a few days ago, and then I updated it more, and then [personal profile] lj_writes updated it even more!

So now it
a) preserves html in the copied text (astolat);
b) works for some people it had been broken for before (me);
c)strips out multiple signal boost: prefixes in titles (me, sorry);
d) fails better with non-DW websites (me);
e) actually works well with a list of non-DW websites that are compatible with DW (lj-writes)
f) has slightly more best-practices formatting (lj-writes). some point we're going to have to stop calling it a "tiny" bookmarklet. :D

I also updated the drag-and-droppable version I'm hosting on my website, if you're somewhere that making a new bookmark manually is too annoying, go here and use the link:

SignalBoost 1.4

(If I keep wanting to code things, I need to update my DW style next! Nobody let me do anything else! Even if CSS is the worst!)