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So, here's the thing: without you, CON.TXT doesn't happen. We need you to participate, hang out in the Con Sweet, eat the snacks, drink the sodas, mod our panels, and yes, we need you to volunteer to help out with the con.

Mostly, we need people to help run the registration tables, work security (i.e., making sure that everyone in the con area is a registered attendee), work in the Con Sweet, work at art show, and help with errands as needed. We'll do our best to make sure volunteers are scheduled around panels they are interested in attending.

If you haven't already gotten an email from me, and you want to volunteer, send an email to me at: meri_oddities @ Please put "Volunteer" in the subject, and include your arrival and departure times in the email, as well as how many hours you're willing to volunteer, and any other pertinent details.