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 Hey CON.TXTers,

We just want to let everyone know that while the deadline has passed to reserve a room at the con rate, it is still possible to do it. If you are booking a hotel room at the last minute or if you're local and decide you want to at least book a room the night of Disco Duck so you can stay late or if you already booked your hotel but didn't give them the code (CON.TXT Women in Media Event) to get counted in the con block... For whatever reason, if you still need to book a room in the con block, just send us an email and let us know! We will need the name you booked your room under and the nights you reserved.

Real talk: if you're still thinking about maybe booking a room, we would encourage you to do it if you can to support the con. We're still a little bit short of our contractural room requirement and we'll have to pay for the extra rooms. This won't stop the con from happening, don't worry! But we would prefer if the con budget stay in the black so we don't need to fundraise.

To book a room, call 800-331-3131 and then email us with your name and room nights. Get all the info about our con hotel here.