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Hey everyone,

There are still a few planned panels looking for an extra co-mod. If you are interested in helping out with any of these, email us at asap.

Once More With Feeling (and Singing Along): The Buffy the Vampire Musical Singalong! (Single Fandom)

Current Mod: Cinco

Looking for: anyone, but would especially love help editing the video file before the con.

Description: In honor of BtVS's 20th anniversary, let's sing along to the musical episode (slightly trimmed for time) and roll around in all those feels. Buffy returns from the dead but is emotionally checked out! Giles decides to go back to England for reasons that were never particularly clear to your mod! Dancing vampires! Production numbers about dry cleaning! Buffy/Spike, before it all went wrong! Anya/Xander, before it all went wrong! Tara/Willow, in the midst of it all going terribly wrong! Captions provided, snark and cosplay welcomed.

Title: Fandom Drought  (Multi-Fandom)

Current Mod: Ellen Fremedon

Description: I haven't found a new pairing since Hannibal was cancelled. What do you do to find a new fandom or pairing? How long have you ever been without a fandom? Come pimp your fandom or hear about obscure ones.

Title: Zines and Archives (How-To)

Current mod: Melannen

Looking for: prefer to have a co-mod or two who was/is involved in slash fandom zine communities

Description:  Learn all about non-computer-based fanfic. What are zines and zine fandom like? How do you read them, learn about them, make them, own them, archive them?

Title: Black Lightning (SIngle Fandom)

Current Mod: zvi

Description: Let's talk about Black Lightning--what it has to say in dialog with the rest of the DC tv-verse, and in thematic dialog with Black Panther and other Black-led superhero stories. (And, of course, about the awesome women.)

Title:  You Must Be At Least Four Centuries Old To Enter (Multi-Fandom)

Current mod: Melannen

Looking for: anyone

Description: The best fandoms are the old fandoms. The really old fandoms. From Shakespeare to Gilgamesh to the Sagas of the Icelanders, when will our OTPs finally get together? Which ancient text is slashiest? Which is the best adaptation of Journey to the West? Is it really best translated as the "The Discourse"? What is our favorite Julius Caesar joke? And will we finally solve, once and for all, the question of whether Achilles was a bottom?

Title: Fandom's Kitchen: Food & Fanworks (Meta)

Current Mod: Neotoma

Looking for: anyone

Description: Sometimes the feelings are on the plate. Sometimes the sandwich means I love you. A discussion of food in fandoms and fanworks, and recipes and food AS fanworks.

Title: Fairy Tales (and Where to Find the Good Ones)  (Multi-Fandom)

Current Mod: Beth H.

Looking for: anyone

Description: Fairy tales are an old-old fandom, and some of the modern retellings are pretty great. Perhaps it's the female leads that are kicking it up? Let's talk about which version of Red Riding Hood and Cinderella we love best, and why Evil Queens simply rule.

Title: How Slash Fandom Talks to Itself  (Meta)

Current Mod: Thalia

Description: Fandom is all over the web, on a bunch of different social media sites with different norms and formats, and seems to still be seeking a perfect home. Where are we now? How do those places work, and how can people find fandom friends in them? What do we want in an online home for slash fandom?

Putting Fandom to Work: How to Market Fannish Skills on Your Resume (How To)
Current Mod: enviropony
Ever tweaked your Tumblr layout? Congrats, you have “experience with custom-designed websites using HTML and CSS.” Been modding a listserv since Harry Potter days? “Ten years experience in online community development.” Remember all those manips you made? “Advanced skills in Photoshop.” Bring your fandom know-how and we’ll brainstorm how to translate it into HR-speak (without totally giving away that some of the “freelance editing” involved coming up with replacements for phrases like “dueling tongues”).