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For Friday night's vid show, we'll offer two programs at the door: one that simply lists the vids that make up the show, and another that lists the vids and also includes warnings for the triggers listed below. (Note that the triggers listed here do not necessarily appear in the vid show! These are things we will warn for IF they appear -- but they might not.)

Items we will warn for include blood, torture, self harm, suicide, violent religious imagery, abusive relationships, sexualized violence, consent issues, incest, implied underage sexual content, parental homophobia, transphobia, institutionalization, Holocaust imagery, misogynist lyrics, strobing or flashing lights, and sudden volume changes.

We would like to get an idea of how many of each program that we should print, so please fill out our vid warnings preference poll. The poll will only be available until Monday at midnight, so take it right away!

Vid Show Program Poll