Jul. 22nd, 2018

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Whether you're into board games, quizzes, RPGs, or party games, this year's con has even more opportunities to play, watch, and discuss games with your fellow fans:

  • Only Connect quiz. For the first time, we're running a round of fannish Only Connect, based on the BBC quiz show, at 9 PM Thursday during the registration icebreaker! Two teams of three to seven players will compete to find the connections between groups of seemingly random clues. You can sign up at registration.
  • Duck Duck Games. Friday night after the vid show, from 10 to midnight, we're playing another round of Encore!, the singalong game from last year. No need to sign up for this one in advance--you can drop in and play for as long as you like.
  • Game Room. Saturday night opposite Disco Duck. Take a break from dancing and come play board, card, or party games! We'll have a wide range of games to choose from, including storytelling games like Slash, Euro board games like Ticket to Ride, and word games like Rewordable. Feel free to bring games of your own, too!

This year's panels include the return of Fannish Pictionary on Sunday and a special how-to panel on Beginning Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday. And if you want to play, demonstrate, or geek out about something that didn't make the schedule, we've got DIY panel slots on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday--sign up at registration to claim a room!