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Are you ready for the con? Here's some handy links for you:

* Want to start planning out your con weekend? Here's the schedule. If there's something you don't see on the schedule that you want to talk about, think about planning a DIY panel!

* Check out the ride sharing post and the room sharing post.

* If you make art or crafts, or have other fannish or geeky items you'd like to sell (or if know someone who does!), there's still time to sign up for a table at the Fan Fair!

* Donate items for the CON.TXT Raffle to support Planned Parenthood!

* Want to announce a room party (or movie theatre outing) or you're looking for one to go to? Check out the Room Party Post.

Also, if you didn't purchase a CON.TXT membership, there are still ways to attend the con!

• Buy a full CON.TXT weekend membership at the door for $120.
• Buy a day membership for $60 per day.
• Attend Disco Duck (and/or visit our Game Room) on Saturday night for $20 at the door. (Dance and Games start at 8PM.)

See you soon!
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