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The weather in the DC area this week is expected to be hot and muggy! Please check the weather before you pack, but it's a good idea to plan to wear light, loose clothing. Conversely, don't forget to bring a sweater in case our new hotel is on the cold side. And it’s important to stay hydrated! We’ll have water available in the con space, but you might want to bring your own water bottle to carry around.

Items to bring

In addition to clothing, shoes, and your Disco Duck party wear, you may want to bring a power strip, extension cords, or an HDMI cable to hook your laptop up to your room's TV (the con will have a few HDMI cables that you can check out for a refundable $10 deposit from the registration desk) - just to be sure there's enough technology to go around! Plus, all of the hotel's rooms have refrigerators, so bring snacks if you like.

Feel free to bring any older purple badge holders, pins, and any other con swag you'd like to show off! You're welcome to cosplay as much or as little as you want, but in general CON.TXT isn't a cosplay-heavy con.

Don't forget to bring new or gently used items to donate to the Raffle (to benefit our con charity, Planned Parenthood) or to leave on the Swap Table! Think about what you would enjoy seeing in the Raffle or on the Swap Table and bring it along to find a new home (but please don't bring videotapes)!

Getting to the con

Please see our website for details on getting to and from the con, and remember that Metro is under construction this summer (here are the latest details on track work and delays).

A few last reminders:
Today is the last day to make any final changes to your badge name. You can do that by logging in to the CON.TXT website and going to "My Membership".
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