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As always, we have an awesome group of dealers, so be sure to bring your checkbooks, credit cards and cash so you can shop all the slashy, fannish, sparkly goodies!

Faultless Pajama Foundry: Handmade jewelry and hand-turned wooden bowls

Flamingo: Zines, art, other fannish items in Starsky & Hutch, Sentinel, & other fandoms

In Person Press/Martha's Mugs: Mugs, tshirts and all kinds of other items imprinted with pics for fans in any fandom

Janet Kofoed Jewelry: Handcrafted jewelry

Spacial Anomaly Gallery: Handmade, sterling silver and celtic jewelry. Also a selection of beautiful fannish, fantasy and scifi art and collectibles.
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Beth H ([personal profile] bethbethbeth) will be overseeing the CON.TXT Raffle again this year, the proceeds of which are going to benefit two organizations:

* Wounded Warrior Project
* King Street Cats

Raffle tickets (a mere $2 each!) will be on sale at at the CON.TXT Registration Desk - and from the mobile raffle site (i.e., Beth's backpack) - starting on Thursday night (June 12th) and continuing until approximately noon on Sunday (June 15th).

All new, nearly new, or collectible items of a fannish or artsy nature will be gratefully received (you needn't be going to the con as long as we can find a way to coordinate delivery of your donations). Leave a comment to this Dreamwidth post or email Beth at bethbethbeth [at] gmail [dot] com) if you think you might have something to contribute, and remember that you can also participate by buying a few (or a few hundred!) tickets.

Note that raffle donations (like art and Orphan Marketplace items!) should go into the mail very soon if you will not be carrying them to CON.TXT yourself! (We need Orphan Marketplace items by next Friday, June 6th, and artwork by June 11th, the Wednesday before the con.)
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If you're coming to CON.TXT but you don't want to work your own dealer table, or you're not coming but would like to sell your fannish crafts or other fannish stuff, submit your items for the Orphan Marketplace! The con will take 15% of the proceeds of sales of items, and you'll have the perfect audience!

(If you don't want to sell your items, bring them for the Swap Table! Donations will benefit the CON.TXT 2014 charities: Wounded Warrior Project and King Street Cats.)

All kinds of items can be sold in the Orphan Marketplace! Jewelry, magnets, buttons, t-shirts, postcards, keychains, unnumbered prints, nail polish, knit or crocheted crafts, zines, DVDs, autographed items, comics, published slash, you name it! All you need to do is label each item with a price, your badge name, and the item's name, and fill out the form on the Orphan Marketplace page. Mailed items must arrive by Friday, June 6th; if you're attending the con, you can bring your items anytime between Friday morning and Saturday night.

After the con, we'll mail a check (minus the con's percentage and postage) and any unsold items to the return address you specify (via Priority Mail, with insurance), or you can pick up your check and unsold items on Sunday. If you're selling or reselling zines and you'd like us to donate some or all of the unsold ones directly to the Fan Culture Preservation Project at the University of Iowa Libraries, we can do that instead!

Please see the Orphan Marketplace page for the full details. We look forward to a marketplace full of all of your awesome fannish items!
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If you're not coming to the con but would like to sell your zines or other fannish items (with the exception of art and art resales, which should be submitted to Ducks Deluxe), or if you have only a small number of items and don't want to work your own table, CON.TXT can sell your things in the Orphan Marketplace. The con will take 15% of the proceeds of sales of items.

If you don't want to sell your items for money, we will again have a Swap Table (proceeds to benefit the CON.TXT 2014 charities).

What kinds of items can be sold in the Orphan Marketplace?
  • Brand new zines
  • Used zines
  • Song vid collections
  • DVDs of movies and TV series
  • Licensed t-shirts and memorabilia
  • Autographed items, including photos & posters
  • Calendars and stationery items
  • Comic books, graphic novels and manga
  • Gay-themed novels & published slash
  • Jewelry, keychains and other handmade items
  • Knitted or crocheted items
(If you have something not on this list, email us and we'll help you classify it!)

How To Get Your Items into the Orphan Marketplace )

How the Swap Table Works )
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CON.TXT is looking for vendors for the upcoming con!

The dealers' area at CON.TXT is integrated into the main con space, to draw dealers into the action of the con and allow you to participate more easily in social aspects and discussion without having to close your tables. In fact, you are welcome to keep your tables open throughout the open con hours, during which time people will continue to circulate in the dealer's area; we will, of course, provide security in the form of table covers and volunteer oversight when you wish to close, and we will work with you if you would like to use other security measures as well.

CON.TXT is a slash fan con, and we prioritize slash over nonslash (het or gen) items and fannish over nonfannish items. We are particularly interested in finding dealers of new slash zines, used slash zines, songvid collections, fan-made fannish items, commercial tie-in items, fannish apparel, and jewelry, and publishers of m/m romance books have found an eager audience at our con in past years. We definitely have room for dealers of other items (celebrity photos, costumes, other zines, nonfannish items and apparel, and more!), so feel free to send in a dealer's registration even if your items fall partially or entirely outside of our central categories.

To register yourself as a dealer for the upcoming con, please fill out the Dealer Registration form. Dealer membership is $25 per table, or $15 for a half-table, plus at least one full membership for you (currently $100). You can purchase up to two additional memberships with your registration for assistants who will be working at the con with you; people who will only be assisting with setup or takedown do not need memberships (unless, of course, they'd also like to attend the con!). You and your assistants with memberships are welcome to attend any con functions as full members.

(Note that this is the registration process for attending dealers. Information about the orphan marketplace for selling without attending the con yourself will be posted separately.)

Please email us at dealers at con-txt dot net if you have any questions or would like more information.