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Book your hotel room for CON.TXT 2018!

CON.TXT 2018 will be held again at the Residence Inn Arlington Pentagon City in the exciting Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington, Va., just across the river from Washington, D.C. Events will begin the morning of Friday, July 27th and go through the afternoon of Sunday, July 29th.

RATE: $139 (plus tax) for a king studio; $159 (plus tax) for a queen/queen studio or a two-bedroom suite. (All rooms have a sofabed in addition to the specified beds.) This is a special CON.TXT rate, and it is guaranteed only until the beginning of July. Reserve early to ensure you get the type of room you want!

RESERVATIONS: There are two handy ways to book your hotel room.
  • Call 800-331-3131 and reference the CON.TXT Women in Media Event at the Residence Inn Pentagon City to make a reservations at the group rate.
  • To book online, click on this direct link: CON.TXT Women in Media Event.
Note: If you book online and attempt to make your reservation to check in prior to 7/26/18 or stay beyond 7/30/18, the system will respond that there are no rooms available. Also, if you are booking a room for two or more people, you will need to call the hotel after booking the room to add the additional names to the registration. (If you are planning to check in together, you are not required to add the names ahead of time; this is mostly useful for people who will be checking in separately.)

  • Wireless high-speed internet access is available for free in all rooms and common areas
  • Full kitchens (including a refrigerator, stove, and cooking implements) in every room
  • Grocery services and fast food delivery are available
  • Free hot breakfast buffet available daily
  • Sofa which unfolds into a sofa bed in every room
  • All rooms are smoke-free
  • Pets are allowed with an additional charge (note that pets will not be allowed in con functions)
  • Free hotel shuttle within 3 miles of hotel
  • Located in a busy, active neighborhood, with easy access to nearby restaurants, fast food, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Easy access (2 blocks) to Pentagon City Metro station (Blue and Yellow lines)
  • Indoor pool and fitness center
  • Hotel business center with computer, printer, fax, etc.
  • All con functions will be held on a single floor
If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to email us at
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Registration is now open for CON.TXT 2018!

This year we are partnering with Eventbrite to handle our registration process. Click the orange button on the CON.TXT website, and you will be taken to our Eventbrite page where you can sign-up and register. If you pre-registered at CON.TXT 2016, we will be automatically registering you with Eventbrite, and you will get a confirmation email at the address you gave us when you registered. If you do not receive that confirmation by October 25th or are unsure if you already pre-registered, please email us at

The price for a full weekend membership is currently $100. This price will increase to $110 on February 1st, 2018, and will increase agin on May 1st, so don't procrastinate too long.

Introducing our theme for CON.TXT 2018: The Joy of Fandom

Let’s face it, things in the real world are starting to look a bit dystopic out there, and we’ve begun to wonder if we’ve entered the darkest timeline. It’s a time when we all need Bob Ross to paint us some happy little trees, or some happy little clouds.

When we REALLY need that fix-it story.

The joy of fandom is our ability to remix, reshape, and rewrite our favorite media into something that pleases us. We change endings, we bring characters back to life, we reimagine Harry Potter as South Asian or Peggy Carter as Captain America, we put hobbits in coffee shops, boybanders in space, and Alexander Hamilton in a zombie apocalypse, we explore infinite timeline diversions, and most of all, we make our favorite characters get laid, fall in love, destroy their enemies, save the world, and buy some curtains. And always remember, there are no mistakes in Bob Ross paintings, just happy accidents.

Fandom is not always perfect, and it’s not always the safe space we wish it were, but at least it’s not the real world. With that in mind, we invite you to come and take a break with us, hang out with other fans in person, and celebrate each other and the media we love!

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Save the dates!

We are happy to announce that CON.TXT 2018 will be held July 27th-29th, 2018. Since we had a great experience there in 2016, we will be returning to the Residence Inn - Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia. We are already hard at work on planning for a great con weekend, so keep an eye on this space or our assorted social media accounts for more information soon. Registration will be opening in the fall.

We look forward to seeing you all next summer!

Your concom for 2018
Ellen Fremedon, kalakirya, JRho, molly_o, Tayawulf, treewishes, and Trixie

Looking forward to 2018!

We want to thank everyone who took our post-con survey or gave us feedback on this year's con, either at the Dead Duck or in person to a member of the concom. We know that there were an awful lot of changes this year and change can be difficult, so it's really gratifying to know that everyone had such a good time. The truth is, no matter how hard we work, a con is only as good as its attendees. So thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and love for fandom and helping us celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

We're starting to think about 2018 and how we can incorporate your feedback into the next con. The first thing we need to determine is the dates, so if you attended CON.TXT this year or if you would like to attend in 2018, please take a minute to fill out our survey and let us know when you would like CON.TXT 2018 to occur: Link to Survey

Lastly, please keep an eye out for registration to open for CON.TXT 2018 sometime in the fall of 2017!


Your concom

cinco, cmshaw, Ellen Fremedon, inspector, JRho, molly_o, ReginaGiraffe, treewishes, and Trixie

Post-Con Recovery

We hope everyone is surviving the post-con comedown! Don't forget to take our Exit Poll, so we have lots of feedback for 2018. If you have taken the poll and requested a response to something, please give us a week to decompress but we will get back to you.

We have a couple of items that ended up in Lost and Found. You can see them here. Let us know if they belong to you!

Remember to link to your con reports here. Or use the hashtags "con.txt" or "con.txt 2016" on Tumblr and #contxt2016 on Twitter.

Con Reports! And charity total!

If you've posted a con report or put together resources from a panel from CON.TXT, we'd love a comment here linking us to it!

Note: you may also want to check for links on the companion Livejournal post!

There are also two unofficial communities which have been set up for you all to talk amongst yourselves: [community profile] contxt_unofficial is the Dreamwidth community and [ profile] contxt_unoffici is the Livejournal community. Additionally, the Dreamwidth community [community profile] contxt_lounge which was set up in 2012 is still available. These communities are not maintained by CON.TXT, but we appreciate their presence!

You may also be interested in the #contxt2016 Twitter hashtag or the #con.txt Tumblr hashtag (Tumblr allows punctuation!). We may reblog Tumblr posts about the con on our official CON.TXT Tumblr, so let us know if you particularly do or do not want us reblogging you!


Between what Beth collected through the raffle (Thank you for all your hard work, Beth!), the swap table, the items sold for charity at the orphans table, and the piggy banks at the Registration and Orphans tables, we collected a total of $1210.04 to donate to Planned Parenthood!

Thank you all for your generosity!
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CON.TXT is winding down

Thank you for joining us at CON.TXT 2016! We hope you had a wonderful time.

We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out our Exit Poll, so we can use your feedback to make CON.TXT 2018 our best con yet.

Thursday evening pre-registration party!

If you're arriving at the con hotel on Thursday night, you can check in and pick up your badge and program between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm in the hotel lobby. We'll be located in the breakfast/reception area to the right of the front door. Once you've picked up your packets, you can hang out, do some arts and crafts, or play CON.TXT Bingo with us.

The forecast for this weekend has been revised down a little and we are expecting highs of 88-85 degrees, but there will also likely be scattered thundershowers so you might want to pack an umbrella.

See you soon!

Just 3 days to CON.TXT!

Are you ready for the con? Here's some handy links for you:

* Want to start planning out your con weekend? Here's the schedule. If there's something you don't see on the schedule that you want to talk about, think about planning a DIY panel!

* Check out the ride sharing post and the room sharing post.

* If you make art or crafts, or have other fannish or geeky items you'd like to sell (or if know someone who does!), there's still time to sign up for a table at the Fan Fair!

* Donate items for the CON.TXT Raffle to support Planned Parenthood!

* Want to announce a room party (or movie theatre outing) or you're looking for one to go to? Check out the Room Party Post.

Also, if you didn't purchase a CON.TXT membership, there are still ways to attend the con!

• Buy a full CON.TXT weekend membership at the door for $120.
• Buy a day membership for $60 per day.
• Attend Disco Duck (and/or visit our Game Room) on Saturday night for $20 at the door. (Dance and Games start at 8PM.)

See you soon!

The Raffle needs prizes!

There's still time to donate prizes for the charity Raffle (all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood)!

We're still a little short on donations, so we wanted to remind you that we'd be thrilled to take all new, nearly new, or collectible items of a fannish or artsy nature: DVDs/Blu-rays (all fandoms), books, toys, memorabilia, art, Hamilton tickets, etc.

Raffle tickets will be $2 each, $10 for 6 (#HamForSix), or $20 for 13. They will be on sale at at the Registration Desk and from the mobile raffle site (i.e., Beth's backpack) from Thursday night until approximately 7:30 pm on Saturday.

If you're not coming to the con yourself, you can send items with a friend.

Leave a comment to this Dreamwidth post or email Beth at bethbethbeth [at] gmail [dot] com if you have something to contribute.

What to bring to CON.TXT and how to get here!


The weather in the DC area this week is expected to be hot and muggy! Please check the weather before you pack, but it's a good idea to plan to wear light, loose clothing. Conversely, don't forget to bring a sweater in case our new hotel is on the cold side. And it’s important to stay hydrated! We’ll have water available in the con space, but you might want to bring your own water bottle to carry around.

Items to bring

In addition to clothing, shoes, and your Disco Duck party wear, you may want to bring a power strip, extension cords, or an HDMI cable to hook your laptop up to your room's TV (the con will have a few HDMI cables that you can check out for a refundable $10 deposit from the registration desk) - just to be sure there's enough technology to go around! Plus, all of the hotel's rooms have refrigerators, so bring snacks if you like.

Feel free to bring any older purple badge holders, pins, and any other con swag you'd like to show off! You're welcome to cosplay as much or as little as you want, but in general CON.TXT isn't a cosplay-heavy con.

Don't forget to bring new or gently used items to donate to the Raffle (to benefit our con charity, Planned Parenthood) or to leave on the Swap Table! Think about what you would enjoy seeing in the Raffle or on the Swap Table and bring it along to find a new home (but please don't bring videotapes)!

Getting to the con

Please see our website for details on getting to and from the con, and remember that Metro is under construction this summer (here are the latest details on track work and delays).

A few last reminders:
Today is the last day to make any final changes to your badge name. You can do that by logging in to the CON.TXT website and going to "My Membership".

Just 5 days to CON.TXT!

Here are a few updates to help with your planning:

DC Metro: For the con weekend there is no planned track work scheduled on the Yellow or Blue lines, which will take you from Reagan National Airport to the con hotel at Pentagon City. If you're coming from another location there may be delays - please check the WMATA website for more information (there will be single tracking on the Red Line, for example).

Weather: Unfortunately, we've been experiencing a heat wave in the DC area. The forecast for the con weekend is showing a high of 91 degrees on Friday and Saturday, and 89 on Sunday, with humidity between 60 and 65%. Please be careful to stay hydrated. It'll be a great weekend to be mostly indoors!

Lastly, don't forget to exchange legal names or set up a meeting in the hotel lobby in order to avoid trying to check in when you don't know your roomie's wallet name. Our hotel has several seating areas (some with TVs), so you can be comfortable while you wait.

We're excited to say that we'll see you soon!

CON.TXT Day Memberships and Disco Duck

Did you miss the deadline to buy a CON.TXT 2016 membership? Or are you not able to make it for the whole weekend, or just want to come by to hang out at the dance party on Saturday night? You're in luck! All of the following options will be available at the door:

• Buy a full CON.TXT weekend membership at the door for $120.
• Buy a day membership for $60 per day.
• Attend Disco Duck (and/or visit our Game Room) on Saturday night for $20 at the door. (Dance and Games start at 8PM.)

CON.TXT is only 6 days away. We can't wait to see you there!

CON.TXT Vid Show Program Poll

For Friday night's vid show, we'll offer two programs at the door: one that simply lists the vids that make up the show, and another that lists the vids and also includes warnings for the triggers listed below. (Note that the triggers listed here do not necessarily appear in the vid show! These are things we will warn for IF they appear -- but they might not.)

Items we will warn for include blood, torture, self harm, suicide, violent religious imagery, abusive relationships, sexualized violence, consent issues, incest, implied underage sexual content, parental homophobia, transphobia, institutionalization, Holocaust imagery, misogynist lyrics, strobing or flashing lights, and sudden volume changes.

We would like to get an idea of how many of each program that we should print, so please fill out our vid warnings preference poll. The poll will only be available until Monday at midnight, so take it right away!

Vid Show Program Poll

It's not too late to sign up for the Fan Fair!

We still have tables open in the Fan Fair, our bazaar for fannish swag! They are available on a first-come, first-served basis until the room hits capacity.

The Fan Fair runs 2-5PM on Saturday. We're only running one panel track and a DIY track opposite the Fan Fair, so you can run a vendor table without missing out on too much programming. (And if you want to go to a panel opposite the fair, you can sign up to share a table with someone who can cover for you.)

If you make fanart of all kinds, jewelry, fiber crafts, wearable items, zines, or other items with geek appeal, we’d love to have you. We’re also interested in new books and comics, vintage zines, action figures, and other kinds of memorabilia.

You don't need to be registered for the con to come sell your wares. A full table costs $20 for con members (including day members) and $30 for nonmembers; half-tables are $10 for con members and $20 for nonmembers.

To sign up, go here and fill in the form. You can also check out the list of currently registered vendors. If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at!

Room Parties!

Want to pimp out your new fandom by plopping folks on the couch to watch a few episodes? Maybe you want to pre-game for Disco Duck or the Vid Show, or keep the party going after con space closes? Have a room party!

(Our new hotel has kitchenettes in every room and allows you to hook a laptop up to the TV using an HDMI cable!)

Once again we'll have a paper message wall in the con space where you can announce your room party (don't forget to include the day, time, and your room number). But this year we're also giving you a way to announce and organize ahead of time: this post! If you're considering or planning to host a room party, here's the place to announce and discuss it.

We want you to have a fantastic time at room parties! Please keep in mind, though, that room parties are not officially part of CON.TXT, and the concom doesn't assume any responsibility for them (and all hotel rules and policies still apply). And please remember to be courteous to your fellow con-goers and considerate of other hotel guests.

Have an (unofficial) good time!

A Person has a (Badge) Name.

We'd just like to remind everyone that if you would like to make any changes to the name that will be printed on your badge at CON.TXT this year, you must do it by this Sunday, July 24th at midnight EST. To make changes, login to the CON.TXT website and go to "My Membership".

We're happy to let you know that this year we've included a space on each badge for your preferred pronouns.

It's ten days until CON.TXT starts! Can't wait to see you there!

DIY Panels at CON.TXT

Did you miss the deadline for proposing a CON.TXT panel? Or did your panel idea not make the final cut? Have you fallen in love with a new fandom recently (Ghostbusters, helloooo)? Well, you're in luck! We've always saved a few panel slots for Do It Yourself panels suggested at the con, but because of our larger hotel space this year we're able to offer a total of 14 DIY panel slots! There will be 8 slots available on Friday and 6 slots available on Saturday. (And if all of those fill up, you're welcome to meet in the Upsuite or Downsuite!)

To sign up to run a DIY panel, just write your badge name and panel title on the sign-up sheet on the Message Wall in the Downsuite. Since DIY signups are first come, first served, we have a plan to give latecomers a chance to claim one: all Friday slots and the first three Saturday slots will be available to claim when the Downsuite opens on Friday morning, but the three remaining Saturday slots will only be available to claim on Saturday morning when the Downsuite opens.

So start thinking about what panels you wish were on the schedule this year, grab a co-mod or two, and be prepared to sign up for a DIY slot at the con! (And seriously, please do a Ghostbusters panel!!!)

Are you excited for CON.TXT?!

We are just under two weeks away from the con! Here are some handy links for you:

* Want to start planning out your con weekend? Here's the schedule.

* Check out the ride sharing post and the room sharing post.

* If you make art or crafts, or have other fannish or geeky items you'd like to sell (or if know someone who does!), sign up for a table at the Fan Fair!

* Want to help out at the con? Sign up to volunteer.

* Donate items for the CON.TXT Raffle to support Planned Parenthood!

* Submit images for the Disco Duck slide show!

* If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

See you soon!

Panel Hashtags for CON.TXT

The only thing better than a good panel discussion at CON.TXT is keeping a good panel
discussion going after the con! To make that easier, we're putting panel hashtags in this year's program. Each panel has its own dedicated #contxt2016 hashtag. You can use them for livetweeting during panels, and to continue discussion afterward. (And you can start using them now to talk about panels you're excited to attend!)

Here is the full list of panel hashtags. (If you're planning to do a DIY panel at the con, add your panel's hashtag in the comments and we'll add it to the list.)

Panels and Hashtags under the cut )