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Feeling creative?  We'll have a stack of boxes on the Crafty Ducks table in the Downsuite, where you can:

Bling your badge - pronoun stickers, a rainbow of markers, stickers of joy (and fandom), and badge extenders in case there's not enough room to proudly display all of your fandoms and quip

Bling yourself - a stash of temporary tattoos, body jewels, hair extensions and baubles, body glitter, and there may be a tiara or two for general con festivity. The box will also be available in the Upsuite from after the Saturday panels are over for Disco Duck prep!

Coloring - an assortment of coloring books with crayons and colored pencils

Ducking - blank (white) rubber ducks and paint markers to create your ducky masterpiece

Naughty origami - paper and instructions. Also regular, but really, why?

... and a box of general crafting supplies to make a perfect panel pimping page or room party announcement!
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