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If you're looking for someone to share a ride to or from the con with, here's the place! 

You can comment with requests like "I'm driving from New York on Thursday morning in a van with three people, and we're looking for a fourth to split gas and tolls," or "I'm getting into Dulles Airport on Thursday afternoon and hoping someone would give me a lift to the hotel."

For hotel room sharing, please use the Room Sharing Post.

Driving from Michigan!

Date: 2018-05-23 07:56 pm (UTC)
solarcat: (Default)
From: [personal profile] solarcat
So I've decided to drive to the con from Michigan this year, and I'll have space in my vehicle for multiple passengers if needed! If anyone lives roughly along the Flint/Ann Arbor/Detroit/Toledo/(Columbus or Cleveland)/Pittsburgh/Morgantown route and wants to hitch a ride, I'll be driving to the con on Thursday morning/afternoon and heading back on Monday. :)

Re: Driving from Michigan!

Date: 2018-07-20 08:06 pm (UTC)
solarcat: (Default)
From: [personal profile] solarcat
Minor correction; I will now be driving down on Wednesday!