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Panel Hashtags for CON.TXT

The only thing better than a good panel discussion at CON.TXT is keeping a good panel
discussion going after the con! To make that easier, we're putting panel hashtags in this year's program. Each panel has its own dedicated #contxt2016 hashtag. You can use them for livetweeting during panels, and to continue discussion afterward. (And you can start using them now to talk about panels you're excited to attend!)

Here is the full list of panel hashtags. (If you're planning to do a DIY panel at the con, add your panel's hashtag in the comments and we'll add it to the list.)

Almost, But Not Quite, Entirely Unlike a Tea Party #contxt2016Tea

As Described on the Tin: Reading and Writing Content Notes and Tags #contxt2016Tags

Be an AO3 Power User #contxt2016AO3

Comics for Beginners #contxt2016Comix101

Explaining Fannish Experiences to Muggles for Fun and Profit #contxt2016Muggles

Kink in Fandom: Keeping it Real #contxt2016Kink

Multi-person Sex Scenes #contxt2016Multi

On Location: Realistically Incorporating Places You've Never Been in Your Fanworks #contxt2016Location

Pick a Trope #contxt2016Tropes

So You Want to Mod a Panel #contxt2016HowToMod

Your Yoda We Will Be: Bringing Our Work to Your Fandom #contxt2016Yoda

Aces! Asexuality and Fandom #contxt2016Aces

Beyond Fanservice: So This Is What It's Like to Be the Target Demographic #contxt2016TargetDemo

Fandom's Kitchen: Food and Fanworks #contxt2016FanFood

Fat in Fic #contxt2016FatInFic

From Lovable Rogues to Jerks with Hearts of Gold: A Taxonomy of Assholes and Why We Love Them #contxt2016Assholes

Is It Different for Girls? #contxt2016ForGirls

OT3s and Polyfic: Moving Beyond the Closed Triad #contxt2016OT3s

Packing Up and Moving House: Learning to Do Your New Fandom #contxt2016PackingUp

RPS Is Hard: The Joys and Agonies of Real Person Fandoms #contxt2016RPS

Sufficiently Advanced Pornography (Is Indistinguishable From Magic) #contxt2016Porn

Team Family Home: A Found Family Panel #contxt2016TeamFam

1001 Ways to Jump the Broom #contxt2016Broom

A Walking Tour of Hell's Kitchen #contxt2016HellsKitchen

Book Fandoms #contxt2016BookFan

Celebrating Femslash: The Continuing Saga #contxt2016Femslash

Death, Where Is Thy Sting? #contxt2016Death

Fading Fandoms! #contxt2016Fading

Fannish Pictionary #contxt2016Pictionary

She Cut Him and I Gave Her My Heart #contxt2016SheCutHim

Sherlock Holmes to the Infinite Power #contxt2016Holmes

Singalong Vidshow: The Force Awakens! #contxt2016Singalong

Small Fandom Speed Dating #contxt2016SFSD

Your Ship Is Not My Ship, Your Kink Is Not My Kink, and That’s Okay. Really. #contxt2016YKINMK

Alexander Panelton! #contxt2016Pan4Ham

All I Wanna Be Is Someone Who Gets to See a Giant Woman #contxt2016Gems

Bitty's Haus of Pie #contxt2016HausOfPie

Due South Revival Hour #contxt2016DueSouth

Everything Doctor Who #contxt2016DrWho

Harry Potter: After All This Time? Always. #contxt2016HP

I'm on Team Everybody Being Friends: Avengers Fandom Post-Civil War #contxt2016TeamFriends

Imperial Radch #contxt2016Radch

It's Alive! The Force Awakens #contxt2016StarWars

Marvel MCU Women or; Why Hasn't Black Widow Gotten a Movie Yet? #contxt2016MCUWomen

Never Trust a Man in Orange #contxt2016Hockey

Rivers of London #contxt2016Rivers

Sense8: Too Good for Fic? #contxt2016Sense8

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Stormpilot FTW! #contxt2016Stormpilot