Aug. 1st, 2016

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If you've posted a con report or put together resources from a panel from CON.TXT, we'd love a comment here linking us to it!

Note: you may also want to check for links on the companion Livejournal post!

There are also two unofficial communities which have been set up for you all to talk amongst yourselves: [community profile] contxt_unofficial is the Dreamwidth community and [ profile] contxt_unoffici is the Livejournal community. Additionally, the Dreamwidth community [community profile] contxt_lounge which was set up in 2012 is still available. These communities are not maintained by CON.TXT, but we appreciate their presence!

You may also be interested in the #contxt2016 Twitter hashtag or the #con.txt Tumblr hashtag (Tumblr allows punctuation!). We may reblog Tumblr posts about the con on our official CON.TXT Tumblr, so let us know if you particularly do or do not want us reblogging you!


Between what Beth collected through the raffle (Thank you for all your hard work, Beth!), the swap table, the items sold for charity at the orphans table, and the piggy banks at the Registration and Orphans tables, we collected a total of $1210.04 to donate to Planned Parenthood!

Thank you all for your generosity!