Jun. 17th, 2016

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This year's schedule of panels and activities is ready and you can see it on the CON.TXT website now. Thanks to all our fantastic panel mods who have volunteered! We'd like to highlight a few things that we're excited about this year:

• With the new hotel, we have more panel rooms, which means more excellent content! (and yes, probably more hard choices to make for you)
• Since the Do It Yourself panel slots have been very popular in the past, we are offering 16 DIY panel slots this year. We will have more info about how to sign up for them in July.
• If you've been frustrated in the past when a panel is just not long enough, you'll be happy to know this year we will have some 85 minute panels. We will also have some double rooms open for the more popular fandoms to make sure everyone gets a seat.

So go take a look at the schedule and start planning out your weekend!

While you're doing that, we want to hear from you! Our What Are You Fannish About Right Now? Poll is open until June 30 for you to tell us about what fandoms are currently your jam, your jelly, and the butter on your toast, so we can make sure the panel room sizes and decor in the Upsuite and Downsuite are done with your favorites in mind.