Jun. 9th, 2016

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We’ve changed the way we’re hosting dealers at CON.TXT this year. We’ve made it easier than ever to sell your work at the con, and we want to invite you to participate. You can do this in three ways:

1. To sell your items to your fellow con-goers yourself, you can sign up for a table at the Fan Fair, a 3-hour bazaar on Saturday afternoon. If you make fanart, jewelry, fiber crafts, wearable items, zines, or other items with geek appeal, we’d love to have you. We’re also interested in vintage zines, action figures, and other kinds of memorabilia. If you’re not sure whether your goods are right for the Fan Fair, check in with us at artsy@con-txt.net before signing up. A full table costs $20 for con members (including day members) and $30 for nonmembers; half-tables are $10 for con members and $20 for nonmembers.

2. If you don’t want your own table at the Fan Fair, you can sell your items via the Orphan Table. Twenty percent of sales will support the con, with the rest going to you. (No items priced under $5, please.)

3. You can submit your fanart, textile art, and other items to the Silent Art Auction. Twenty percent of the proceeds will help support the con, with the rest going to you.

You can sign up for the Fan Fair by emailing artsy@con-txt.com with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your badge name, if you are attending the con
3. What size table you want (full or half)
4. A one-sentence description of what you’re selling
5. A link to your wares (business website, Etsy, DeviantArt, etc.), if and only if you would like it to be included in con announcements and promotions (emails, our website, the con program)

The deadline to register for the Fan Fair is July 15. Thank you for considering our invitation! If you have questions or concerns, or would like to submit items to the Orphan Table or Silent Art Auction, please get in touch with us at artsy@con-txt.com!

--the CON.TXT Retail Committee