Jun. 6th, 2016

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We are happy to announce that The Minotaur Scholarship, which is a memorial scholarship given to someone coming to their first CON.TXT, has been awarded to KateKintail. Congrats! We look forward to seeing you!

We have also awarded four need-based scholarships, and we'd like to thank everyone who has donated because it allowed us to bump partial scholarships up to full ones.

We have a few more need-based scholarships available, so if you're still thinking about coming to CON.TXT but aren't sure you can afford the membership fee, please contact us.

There is also a scholarship available through Con or Bust, which helps people of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions.

If you want to apply for our need-based scholarships or the Con or Bust scholarship, the deadline for both is June 15th, so don't delay!