Jun. 1st, 2016

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Space is available in the CON.TXT 2016 program to promote your con, website, fic challenge, or fannish cruise (we are campaigning hard for the latter)! Prices range from $25 to $100 depending on the size of your ad. Every attendee and supporting member at CON.TXT 2016 will receive a printed souvenir program chock-full of useful con info.

Please email info@con-txt.net by June 26th with your idea or artwork, and we will work with you on sizing and placement.
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We still have some panels that need more moderators. Please take a look at this list and then e-mail us at panels@con-txt.net

This first panel was pretty popular in the voting, but at this point we don't have anyone lined up to mod it. Unfortunately, that means it might not make the final cut. So if you're interested, please let us know!

The Spies We Love (Multi-fandom)

A panel for classic, new, and rebooted spy fandoms. Come talk about Agent Carter, Bond, Kingsman, Person of Interest, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission: Impossible, Archer, The Americans, Turn, and others. What do we love, who do we ship, what should we be watching, what do we want more of, and what do we never want to see again?

These panels have at least one mod, but would like to have more:

Be an AO3 Power User (How-to)

Current mod: melannen
Looking for: Anyone

How do you tag on AO3? How do you filter results? How do you run an exchange, or use collections, or bookmarks? What are the best ways to get help or offer suggestions? How do things work behind the scenes? How do AO3's technical limitations affect the Archive's features? Tips, tricks, toys, links, and so on.

Is It Different for Girls? (Meta)

Current mod: zvi
Looking for: Anyone

Many popular tropes from m/m fic (mpreg, ABO, bdsm-verse, Rule 63) are plays on sex, gender, and power. How do they play out differently in femslash?

Sufficiently Advanced Pornography (Is Indistiguishable From Magic) (Meta)

Current mod: zvi
Looking for: Anyone

We read and write a lot of sex set in science fiction or fantasy settings, and yet a lot of it still uses the same old sexual positions and sex toys. Let's go beyond convenient nanoprophylactics and lube spells and talk about how everything from antigravity to magic wands to the Force can be brought into the bedroom as well as the plot.

Team Family Home: A Found Family Panel (Meta)

Current mod: Melusina
Looking for: anyone

The found family trope is a staple of many fandoms (and their canons!). What is it, and why is it so great? Let's discuss the packs, crews, teams, bands, squads, etc. of our hearts.

A Walking Tour of Hell's KItchen, (Multi-Fandom)

Current Mod: Lily (enviropony)
Looking for: anyone, but especially with knowledge of the comics

Let's take a trip to Hell's Kitchen! We'll chat about Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Netflix's take on The Defenders. Love the current Netflix series? Want to speculate wildly about the upcoming ones? Are you a fan of the comics and want to rave about them? Come join us! This will NOT be a spoiler-free zone.

Book Fandoms (Multi-fandom)

Current mod: ambyr
Looking for: anyone

You've read the book, now see the movie...Wait, there is no movie. How do we handle fandoms with no visual source? How important is it that fanfiction match the writing voice to the canon? How do you find references and inspiration for fanart for an all-text canon? How do you promote your canon when you can't fall back on "they're pretty!"? And what do you do when there suddenly is a movie or TV show, and its fandom dwarfs that of the original work?

Small Fandom Speed Dating (Multi-fandom)

Current mod: Sanj
Looking for: anyone

Small Fandom Speed Dating is back! Looking for a Yuletide fling? Tired of being a fandom of one? Come play the fandom dating game, where we set fans up with the fandoms of their dreams.

All I Wanna Be Is Someone Who Gets to See a Giant Woman (Single Fandom)

Current mod: Holli
Looking for: Anyone

So why do the people of this world believe in Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl (and Steven)? How do the underlying themes of decency and growing up support the overarching plot of intergalactic war?

Everything Doctor Who (Single Fandom)

Featuring past companions in Doctor Who and who should be the new companion. And can we get a female Doctor or Doctor of Color (DOC)?

The following panels have one moderator already, so if you join them you can decide amongst yourselves whether anything should be updated. We'll put you in touch if you're not familiar with each other already.

I'm on Team Everybody Being Friends: Avengers Fandom Post-Civil War. (Single Fandom)

Current Mod: Fairestcat
Looking For: Anyone

Let's take stock of Avengers fandom post Captain America: Civil War. What's up with all our favorite characters? Where's the great fic and meta and fanart? This panel is for fans of all characters and pairings to squee, flail, cry, or otherwise emote together.

Imperial Radch (Single Fandom)

Current Mod: Melannen
Looking for: anyone

Anaander Miaanai is personally concerned about our chosen topics of discussion.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Stormpilot FTW! (Single Fandom)

Current mod: ktnb
Looking for: Anyone

Let's have a Poe/Finn lovefest and celebrate all the things that made their chemistry so delicious! And if we are so moved: bonus discussion of the hot, adorkable weirdos named Oscar Isaac and John Boyega!