Apr. 25th, 2016

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We need some Right Hand Fans to help run the registration tables, work security (i.e., check badges to make sure everyone in the con area is a registered attendee), staff the UpSuite and DownSuite, and help with errands as needed.

Volunteering can be a great way to participate in the con if you're new or feeling nervous. You'll have a place to be, designated things to do, and tasks that can range between social, lightly-social, and hardly-social-at-all. Whether you’d rather be quiet uptown or at a revel with some rebels, we have a niche for you! We'll organize our information to make sure that volunteers are satisfied with their assignments and can be in the room where it happens for panels they're interested in attending (you may choose when to volunteer!)

Please don’t leave us feeling helpless! If you'd like to volunteer, email volunteer@con-txt.net and include:

* "Volunteer" in the subject line
* Your anticipated arrival and departure times
* How many hours you're willing to volunteer, and
* Any other pertinent details.

- Your Obedient Concom