Apr. 20th, 2016

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Are you ready to tell us which panels you want at CON.TXT 2016? Voting is now open!

Vote early, vote once, and vote for as many or as few panels as you like! We hope all registered or potential members will come vote for their favorites! We'll make sure that we offering a wide range of panel topics, so the voting helps us choose among similar panels or decide which suggestions should be combined. It's not a strict numbers cut-off.

Some panels have potential moderators already listed: these are not final commitments. Some panels don't have any moderators yet: these panels can't happen, no matter how popular, unless someone leads them! We will call for more moderators once the votes are tallied, but you can also volunteer to moderate as you vote if you're interested. This is also not a final commitment; we'll follow up with interested people by email after the voting.

Potential moderators, watch for email from us soon!